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Coronavirus: Should you Children Wear Masks?

Watari As the coronavirus lockdown measures in many countries are being relaxed, the major concern people have is the potential for a new wave of infections. To prevent this, health authorities are emphasizing preventive strategies including the use of face masks, regular hand washing, and maintaining social distance. While the latter two can easily be done, the paucity of effective face masks – surgical masks and N95 face masks – could make wearing face masks seem difficult. However, many have resorted to wearing home-made masks. But there are many questions regarding the use of these masks. A more recent concern with the use of masks is if children should wear; and if they should, what type is best?

cautiously Experts have lent their voices to these concerns and come up with useful recommendations: According to some experts, children younger than 2 should not be masked. The simple reason is that it may obstruct their breathing. For older children, medical experts recommend cloth masks to allow children breathe easily. Furthermore, experts advise that masks are not necessary for all outdoor activities; if you are sure you won’t walk around other groups of people in your neighborhood, then masks may not be necessary.

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