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Dr. Muhamad Pate, the World Bank’s Global director for health, nutrition, and population, a trained physician and Nigeria’s former Minister of State for Health, has been at the forefront of the World’s Bank response to the coronavirus pandemic. Here is his perspective on Africa’s ability to handle the COVID-19 crisis, the World Bank’s duty in supporting African countries, and his leadership advice.

Dr. Muhamad’s advice to decision-makers and leaders in African is to build trust among the communities and citizens. In addition to following the proven public health control measures, leaders need to earn trust, and maintain trust by being transparent, share evidence, create awareness using available channels, as well as be humble to admit what they do know and to listen to the experts.

Dr. Muhamad said the World Bank funding increased to $ 14 billion, and the board hastened the approval of projects worth $1.9 billion in 25 countries; 10 are African countries; helping countries respond to the pandemic.

The World Bank is ready to support many countries with up to $160 billion over the next 15 months to aid in COVID-19 measures, and support countries address the health crisis and economic consequences caused by the pandemic.

Dr. Muhamad indicated that despite the rampant spread of the disease, the African center for disease control made positive progress so far in helping African countries implement these measures. The situation also needs leaders to take intense action, and the world needs to come together to find solutions to fight Coronavirus, he added.

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