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Using Computer Modelling to Fight COVID-19 As the coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep across the world, scientists and researchers are leading research into therapeutic and preventive interventions to limit the spread, as well as the morbidity and mortality resulting from the infection. While the battle is thought to be mainly fought by medical experts, there are several non-medical experts that are creating solutions to halt the pandemic.

Malāyer Meet Morgan Craig, udeM mathematician that is building a computer model that’ll help scientists understand how the coronavirus affects the body and how drugs could potentially target the virus.

Kaspiysk  Morgan Craig teams up with Adrianne Jenner, assistant professor in udeM’s Department of Mathematics and Statistics and researcher at the CHU Sainte Justine Children’s Hospital Research Center. Both researchers are using mathematical modeling to understand the dynamics of the virus in the body and, in turn, model drug treatments to fight the disease. Morgan says he’s used mathematical models to elucidate disease course and dynamics in rare blood cancers and HIV to develop immunotherapies and anti-HIV treatment.

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