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Gender-Based Violence in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Caucagüito Studies have shown that gender-based violence increase during global emergencies, and there’s evidence that this still holds true for the COVID-19 pandemic. A newly published paper by researchers at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health showed early evidence of gender-based violence across the world. For instance, findings from China revealed an increase in gender-based violence. One report documented domestic violence increasing by three times in Hubei Province during the lockdown in the province.

buy canibus Lyrical law The paper identified then higher prevalence of women in unpaid care work and frontline work as the risk factors for such violence. According to the article, more than 75 percent of unpaid work, including household disease prevention and care for sick relatives, globally are performed by women. The article also points out that there is no part of the world where men have an equal share of unpaid work.

Balzar The authors recommend that governments can improve gender considerations into their respective response to the pandemic and ensure essential services are provided for women when they need them most. Read original article here.