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Breast Cancer Risk Modification

Approximately 90 percent of those diagnosed with breast cancer now survive at least five years after diagnosis. However, prevention and early diagnosis should continue to be a priority. Many of the factors that affect the levels of hormones in the body, and may influence the risk of breast cancer, can be modified through lifestyle choices. While the strength of the evidence in support of these factors varies, a reasonable approach is to be mindful of all of them since they may bring other health benefits.

Alcohol: Control or avoid alcohol consumption.

Weight: Maintain a good body weight.

Physical activity: Being active may decrease the risk for breast cancer.

Breastfeeding: This may lower the risk of breast cancer.

Healthy Diet: A plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains may lower the risk.

On the other hand, Family History is not modifiable. Inheriting genes associated with breast cancer increases the risk, and is responsible for approximately 5 to 10 percent of all breast cancer.

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