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Early Sex Education: How To Do It Right And Why

http://ultimatetrainingcentre.com.au/utc-timetable/ Mary arrived at the workshop, and took a seat beside a middle-aged lady. This workshop on Effective Parenthood was organized for parents as part of the school’s end of session activities. As the session drew to a close, the resource person requested reactions from the parents. In response, the lady seated beside Mary took the floor and lamented how her 7-yr-old takes delight in playing with his private part. This caused a stir of reactions as other parents made similar complaints, to Mary’s amazement. Mary wondered if her little angel, Dorothy, might be experiencing similar issues.  The resource person used this opportunity to re-emphasize the importance of early sex education and how to do it right.

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For sex education to be effective, you must ensure the right education is given to the right age group. Teach your kids from the age of 3 to wash their private parts themselves under your supervision and use bath time to talk about sex education.

From 0-5 years, your child should know the names of his/her private parts as well as why they are called private parts. You know, toddlers aren’t shy to be naked but it is also good to tell them why they shouldn’t play with them or let someone play with them either.

From the age of 5 -10, your child is super smart and highly inquisitive. You may find them occasionally touching their private parts. When this happens, you don’t have to panic; rather, call the child in and have a talk with him/her. Ask some questions calmly and caution them on the need to protect/cover their private parts wherever they go, both at home and in the public.

Tell them not to allow anyone to touch them and why they must never touch another’s private part too, even if they are asked to do so. Because of pedophiles, your child must be taught why and how not to accept sexual invitations. Tell them to always report such requests to you or any adult around.

As they get older, educate them about the changes their bodies will experience during puberty, before girls start feeling their breasts swell and menstruate, and before boys start experiencing wet dreams.

Santiago del Torno Why you need early sex education for your children

  • http://emaevents.co.uk/new-year-new-you-how-are-those-resolutions-going/?unapproved=4706 It will protect them from learning from the wrong source(s). Remember, it is natural for kids to get a little curious about the parts of their bodies as well as what they are made for. This curiosity often drives them to seek information from peers and friends who may give information with little accuracy. In the present day, social media is very handy and they may end up on a porn site.
  • It will curtail premature sexual activity. When you teach your child the importance of protecting his/her body parts, they will know when to say no to inappropriate sexual advances. They will also remember not to agree to sexual invitations from older children as well as adults. According to UNESCO’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education, young people encounter confusing and conflicting information on sex and relationship as they transition to adulthood. This has contributed to the spike in STDs, HIV, and other sexually inappropriate behavior in teens and adults.
  • They will learn to confide in you. As a parent, your greatest desire should be how to become your child’s best friend, someone with whom he/she can and should share difficulties and fears with. Early sex education with your child will create that forum where he/she feels free to complain to you about his/her sexual worries and curiosity.

Take home points

  • Never wait for your child to start touching his/herself before talking to them about their body, and if you meet them masturbating, don’t panic. Masturbation is normal as a child is naturally curious about their bodies; rather, begin the conversation early.
  • Educate them on the need to respect their bodies as well as other people’s bodies.
  • Remember, don’t leave sex education for school teachers alone. You must be your child’s best friend, counselor, and someone they will always be free to talk to when confused.