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Welcome 2020, the Year of 20/20 Health!

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The anticipated 2020, the year of 20/20  (20 over 20) health, is finally here! We all should be thankful to be alive and in good health, right? Yes, in fact we should be full of expectations, since 20/20 literally signifies perfection. I mean, who doesn’t want to have a perfect score in a test? This year is not an exception, and you’ve probably set new tests and goals for yourself in the form of New Year resolutions. 

Well, if you’re like most people, you would have discovered New Year resolutions and promises of self-improvement often crash like waves of water by the last week of April. Some resolutions don’t even make it past the first few days of January; just ask people trying to quit smoking or lose weight. So, is there another way? At CUTICA Health, we recommend adopting a Personal Growth Plan. Such growth plan could cover your health, finances, work, family life, social life, or any other area where you desire growth. Personal Growth Plans are actionable commitments that are simple, easy to measure, and can be incorporated into daily activities. These lifestyle changes have been recognized to improve health remarkably.

Where does CUTICA Health come in?  Throughout 2020, we will be your partner in health, leveraging medical science, arts and entertainment. CUTICA Health will continue to present you with health information on your way to a perfect health score of 20/20 as the new decade unfolds. Let’s start now!

Food/Diet: As simple and repetitive as it may sound, diet is vital to good health. Paying close attention to your diet by ensuring balance in each food plate, healthy snacking e.g. fruits and vegetables, and replacing high-calorie cookies, beverages and soft drinks go a long way in ensuring your body receives the best nutrients. For adults, a healthy diet implies at least five portions of fruits and vegetables and reducing the daily amount of fat and free sugars intake to less than 30% and 10% of total energy need per day, respectively. It may be necessary to cut down the amount of salt you consume per day.

Exercise: Like you would have guessed, exercise will push your health score up! It boosts both physical and mental health. Adults under 65 years should engage in moderate intensity exercise for about 150 minutes per week, that is about 30 minutes five times a week. Moderate intensity activity includes brisk walking, cycling, jogging, dancing, and skipping. We advise against drastic changes in exercise routines within short periods. It is more practical to incorporate into your daily life activities that ensure you move around. This could include setting timers at work for biological breaks that ensure you leave your seat for some time, brisk walking during lunch break, taking public transportation occasionally and parking your car farther away from your destination. Those above 65 years also need to maintain an active lifestyle that includes regular exercise.

Sleep: Did you know good sleepers have lower risks of infection, heart disease, depression and memory problems? Good sleep is restorative and helps keep the immune system strong, so you should improve your sleep habits this year. Aim to sleep 7 – 9 hours per night and see how you achieve more during the day. You have heard of personal hygiene in early childhood school days that remind you to wash your hands and brush your teeth regularly. Well, 2020 is a good year to practice sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene encompasses habits and practices that promote good sleep. These habits include reducing screen time (phones, laptops and TV) in bed, sleeping about the same time every night, avoiding stimulants like coffee, tea, or alcohol close to bed time.

Health check: If a close relative of yours has had a medical condition like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, glaucoma, or if you are older than 30 years, it might be wise to schedule a doctor appointment in 2020 to assess your risk of developing diseases that run in families. Don’t be afraid of what they might find because early detection is a preventive action which is better and cheaper than late attempts at cure. While you are at it, you could also visit your dentist for a routine check this year. You don’t want to pay expensively for avoidable tooth problems.

Take control: If you have already been diagnosed with a chronic medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or elevated cholesterol, take steps to stay healthy. Follow your doctor’s advice and be proactive. Don’t skip prescribed medications or follow-up appointments. Aim to be healthy even when living with a chronic medical condition. According to the World Health Organization, health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Stay informed: As part of your Personal Growth Plan for this year, you should read and learn more about your health. Visit www.cuticahealth.com regularly to get reliable health information, and share our link with your family and friends. You can also follow us on social media. From CUTICA Health, we wish you a successful 2020!