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Autism – why your pikin no be like say e different .

Autism or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) na sickness wey dey happen to children wey dem no go sabi relate with them mate normal way wen children take dey relate.
Autism dey happen as dem born pikin but before doctor fit say the pikin get am fit tey.
For us to quick sabi say pikin get autism go help wella and e go make us help the pikin wey get am make e for fit learn.

I wan yarn una chad tori: Chad na the second pikin wey em mama born.
Em mama and papa dey worry for am cos e don reach 18 months and e no dey follow anybody play.
E no go even smile or laugh wen dem dey smile gibe am and em senior brother no be like that, dat no dey stay one place, na everybody e dey follow play wen e be Chad age .
Chad no dey look him mama and papa for eye even wen them dey try use songs or toys to get em attention.
Nothing dey move am, hin no dey make all that noise wey small pikin dem dey make, him no dey laugh, if you call him name, e no go answer. The pikin just dey do one kain. Him papa and mama carry am go see doctor, doctor say nothing dey do him ear say e dey hear wella but make dem carry am go meet child development specialist .

*Symptoms and signs of autism *
Autism get way wey e dey take delay make pikin no develop as him mate. Like make pikin talk wella, play or dey follow others dey rapport.

Things wey you go dey see wey go make you know say the pikin get autism dey different stage .
But pikin wen get autism deu get difficulties for 3 main areas:

  1. How to dey follow others talk and how the pikin go dey use him eyes to follow person talk
    2.To dey play and they follow others play.
  2. The way wen the things e suppose dey do everyday dey change.

Early signs in a baby or a toddler – 6-24 months

If the pikin no dey

• No Dey look people for eye especially the mama wen she dey give am food or dey follow am talk.

• If e no dey answer him name or answer wen e hear person voice wey e sabi.

• If e no dey smile even if d mama or papa dey try make am smile with dia face.

• If him no dey use eye follow you wen you dey use him toy dey play with am.

• If him no dey make babies sound when he see food or if e no dey happy when him mama enter house.

• If e no dey follow anybody play at all.

Pikin wey get this sickness fit make people dey say na gentle pikin cos e no dey give wahala and e just dey quiet.

Signs and symptoms in older children

For older pikin, e dey quick show say the pikin get problem to follow people yarn, play, to learn something and e get many examples wey u go see

• The pikin no go show interest for anything at all.
•E go dey avoid to look people eye.
• E no go wan make friends or say make e play with him friends
• E no go wan make anyone touch am or hold am .
•E no go fit talk wetin dey pain am or wetin e want or need .
• If you dey follow am talk, e no go answer
• If you ask am question, e go ask you the question back instead make e answer am.
• E no dey understand joke, or say something funny.
• If e arrange toy for one place e no go wan make dem scatter am or rearrange am.
• E go dey like to repeat somethings wen e dey do like clapping.

*Wetin dey cause autism *

We nor really know the exact thing wen dey cause am but dem say na something like environment wey pikin dey before dem born am and but many people dey think say na vaccines fit cause am but WHO say that one na big lie.

Parents play a huge role in diagnosis

As mama and papa na una sabi una pikin pass any other person and na una go start dey notice if something dey do una pikin. No go dey wait until something do pikin before you go react. If you notice anything carry the pikin go see doctor.
if you think say d doctor no do wetin satisfy you carry d pikin go see another doctor. Child development specialist dey use some machines dey help know if pikin get this sickness


Pikin different from pikin, so e get some school wey dem dey for children wey get this sickness and wey go help dem be like other children.
E good to notice this sickness early but dem fit treat am with medicine and therapy