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When woman monthly flow stop body go begin hot

order Pregabalin Nkiru wen be 55years say she body nor dey hot am say she only dey take holiday for place wen hot but e siddon for parlour put fan for highest take d fan face herself.

buy Pregabalin online Nkiru sabi joke well well and everybody know she say wen she dey take this her holiday so for place wen hot she no dey enter kitchen at all .
She don dey enter stage wen be say her monthly flow go stop(menopause)and she dey try make sure say all the symptoms wen no dey make her comfortable she manage am .

buy Clomiphene tabs Wetin carry all this changes come Nkiru body ?? The changes go pass so ?? Make I give una the tori Wetin be this menopause?

Menopause dey mark d end of menstrual cycle for women. Na natural process and dem dey identify am wen woman don stay for 12months no see her period .
The way menopause dey carry many changes for body come and dem fit mistake the changes for sickness. Before the period stop kpatakpata e no go dey come as e dey come every month before .
But some women own go just stop without any sign . Menopause dey natural and dey happen to women wen don reach 45 – 50 years . But some women (one out of hundred) dey get premature menopause e mean say them go reach menopause wen dem don dey 40years or sometimes sef before them reach 40years .

How menopause take dey show face

Wen menopause start the woman ovary no go dey produce egg every month again and that one mean say no more pikin .

  1. The first thing wen d woman go notice be say her period go come dey short or e go over long pass as e dey before . If the bleeding too much marks the woman waka go follow her doctor yarn.
  2. All of sudden heat for the woman upper body na another symptom. Sometimes the all of a sudden heat fit run through her whole body .
  3. To dey sleep well go come turn to work . The woman go behind find sleep for night .
  4. Some women go begin fat or gather fat for waist or bottom belle .
  5. During this menopause so many women mood go just dey change anyhow . Some go dey taya some own na gondey carry cry . If the case come worse depression fit enter .

How to take manage the symptoms

Menopause no be disease. Ways dey to take manage they symptoms.

  1. She do need they do exercise and they eat food wen good for her body and if she dey drink alcohol she go get to reduce or even stop am .
  2. Doctor go give am some merecine for the all of a sudden heat . The doctor fit even give am merecine wen do dey calm her down or dey help her mood .
  3. She go need dey take Vitamin D supplements for her bones .

Many people no dey understand wetin women dey go through some go even say na strange sickness or begin catch winsh.

So una go need remind them say menopause no be disease and the symptoms wen dey make woman body get as e be go stop after sometime no be forever.

Na cutica health say make I yarn una this tori .