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Disease wen too much siddon dey cause For the three months wen lockdown dey for Nigeria because of Coronavirus, Ojo wen be software developer for lagos begin dey work from him house.
To dey work from him house come begin sweet am so tey e fit spend 8 to 9 hours for him seat dey develop software application for e company. After the first few weeks neck begin pain Ojo sometimes the pain go even spread reach him lower back. Ojo begin worry say e fit be serious kasala na so e go visit him doctor make the doctor yarn am where the problem from come . Wen Ojo reach Doctor Tunde office he tell am say make e do xray of him neck and back .

Cheadle Hulme Dr.Tunde begin ask Ojo questions. He ask am how e dey spend him day ask am weda e get anything wen do am . He come recommend pain killer and make e adjust the way e take dey siddon . He also say make e exercise even if na just 30mins a day and if e dey work make e take break if e don siddon reach 2hours .

After like 2 weeks wen Ojo go see Dr.Tunde he begin feel better . Pain don go and e no dey too siddon for office chair for 8 hours straight.
If Ojo been continue to siddon the way e dey siddon before him problem for pass back and neck pain .

The problem wen to siddon too much dey cause plenty and I wan yarn una some of them :

▪Heart conditions & obesity
Wen you dey siddon for too long na small energy you go dey use and the excess go come turn to fat . Wen fat don too much for your body obesity go show face e go come make you dey get plenty disease like stroke .


▪Blood clots
The blood wen dey our vein for leg dey always pump go our heart wen we dey waka up and down but if you siddon too much the blood no go fit pump well and e fit begin gum together like gel instead of the normal liquid form . If the blood wen don gum break and travel reach the lungs e fit go block oxygen and if dem no quick treat am the person fit die within minutes.

Wetin you go do
Now wen you don know say e no good to dey siddon for long hours , how you go come take reduce the number of hours .

The secret be say make you dey stay active.

▪︎stroll small after you sit down for like 2 hours .
▪︎ do small exercise everyday even if na for 30mins.
▪︎ dey use stairs instead of lifts
▪︎ waka go meet your friend for office instead make you send them mail or text .

Weda you dey work from house or you dey fo office no forget to remain active!!!

MO don yarn you as e dey go no allow siddon sickness catch you ✌