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How to sabi one on one yarning with una doctor

How you go take dey relass your mind with doctor wen una get one on one yarning .

Many people no dey like reach doctor side cos of all the kain question wen doctor go begin ask . Shame go begin catch some people wen person wen be stranger begin touch them body or ask them deep deep questions. Na why our pple so dey suffer sickness wen dem for fit avoid.

Doctor-patient yarning get rules wen dey protect the patient. Our pple need to know say any yarning wen dem get with doctor/nurse na process and them get power inside the matter .

Patient na anybody wen do agree say make healthcare professional check em bodi and sometimes u go need allow pass one or two strangers wen get professional health care training know as e dey go for you .

Pple wen don sabi the Healthcare work them dey trained to collect important information from pple wen like give them n na interview them dey use get the information . The information wen dem collect about the patient so dem go use am wen dem dey check the patient . All the interview ehn na to know every every make solution wen the patient go like for show face .

If you be patient wen dey like jump from one doctor to another like say you dey change clothe na everytime you go dey do interview o . The new doctor go gats ask you questions again . But if na your doctor send you go meet another doctor no need for plenty talk . Them don yarn with their self .

No be everybody like to dey tell person wen dey no know things about themselves so them nor dey dey comfortable wen the doctor begin ask questions.
E normal even doctors sef ehn if them go meet another doctor to treat them some nor dey comfortable with the questions .

Make I yarn una some things wen u go fit do to make your yarnings with doctor easy small :

1.Choose better doctor and dey with am nor be to sey change doctors like clothe .
If na one doctor you dey use small small you go don dey know am and even wen you no dey sick una fit dey gist . E go help you fit relate with am wen you dey sick .

  1. You go need to put effort no miss your clinic appointment. Write wetin you go like follow your doctor yarn make you for no forget.
  2. You need to trust your doctor open mouth talk as the thing take they do you . If the doctor begin feel say you dey hide things frustration go begin enter . No hold anything back from your doctor so e go fit get correct information wen go make am fit make decision about your health .

Them don teach doctors for everywhere say to take care of another person na the greatest privilege wen them fit get .
Everytime dem get one or one with patient must reduce the patient suffering and e must no add to the patient suffering.

Patient too get hand inside cos na doctor and patient go work hand in hand to reduce the patient suffering.