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Hypochondria – symptoms wen no get disease. Betty and Lizzy siddon dey gist one afternoon.

Ébolowa Betty say “ e be like say something dey do my kidney, I dey feel dull pain for my bottom belle and I get low back pain,” na with sad and fear voice she take talk .

Afipskiy “Betty, stop all this your worry worry about any little pain. E fit be ulcer, or e fit be nothing no need for you to worry,” na wetin her roommate Lizzy take reply her be that. And the reply na ‘you don start again ’ na your way .

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“ehen e be like say you go see doctor this time, so you go fit comot doubt for mind ,” na wetin lizzy suggest.

(For doctor office)

“Doctor, be like say I get bad kidney,” “I wan make you run some tests for me,” she continue to talk nor even give the doctor chance to talk .

Doctor con agree after plenty talk. Wen the test result show e say her kidney and health stand gidigba no shaking. She come cool down like ice water after she collect the result but e no tey she branch doctor office after two weeks with the same ‘symptoms’ .
if the doctor nor know the first time, now he know say she dey hypochondriac).

This na condition wen dey involve the person to begin dey worry himself say e don get one big sickness. E fit affect people for any point for their lives, but na mostly o people wen dey their early adulthood e dey affect.

People wen get this sickness, get idea about the signs and symptoms of the sickness wen dem dey imagine e fit be say na from online search or na from them-say them-say , them fit come develop some of those signs and symptoms. The fear say them get the sickness fit last for six months and e go cause kamuka for the person .

During these months so, the person no go dey happy or even get willingness to stay alive .

Signs of having hypochondria

1. The person dey worry about any small pain wen e feel. Example, any small belle pain don be liver damage or cancer for am. Headache don only mean say tumor dey there, and small cough the person go just issue himself tuberculosis result.

2. people wen get this sickness nor dey trust their doctors because them no dey see improvement for the symptom dem complain give the doctor


a.  They nor dey ever satisfy with any word from doctors like, “We nor see anything, you dey perfectly okay”;

b.  Them dey change their hospitals many times a year because doctor’s nor geee repeat scans and tests.

3.  Dia relationship with medical practitioners nor go flow as them don become ‘assistant doctors’ anytime dem visit hospital.

  1. People wen get this sickness dey suffer from anxiety, nervousness, and depression .


The exact thing wen dey cause this condition never dey known. But some things wen I go list dey help the development:

If the person loved one wen get serious sickness die.

The internet, na the greatest breeder of Hypochondria.

Major disease outbreaks and pandemics like COVID-19.

If the person don be get serious sickness wen e be small pikin.

If the person no sabi how to express em emotions.


1. Psychotherapy especially the one wen dem dey call Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

2. Doctor go prescribe antidepressants and antipsychotics . Them dey reduce the symptoms for cases wen don pass becareful .

3. stop to dey run from one doctor to the other. Maintain the same doctor.

Advice to youths

The internet dey only add to the fear of say person get strong sickness . So, nor dey go find the information wen you need from Internet every time you experience any small symptom.
Remember say medical information wen dey the internet nor always correct.
Also, if you know anybody wen get hypochondria, nor shun dem say dem just dey find attention. Take care of them and encourage them to go see doctor.