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Early sex education: How to do am well and why you need do am Mary pikin school arrange session to take teach papa and mama how to take train dia children well.
As the session don dey reach end e come reach the time wen mama and papa go talk. One woman wen siddon near Mary come stand up begin lament say her 7years old pikin dey play with her private parts.
Na so many mama and papa begin shook mouth inside the matter, dey complain the same thing.
The teacher wen dey follow them discuss come tell them say e dey very important for parents to teach dem children about sex education wen dem small.

Køge For sex education to work, mama and papa must make sure say the correct teaching reach the piking for the proper age.

buy cenforce cheap Teach ur pikin them from 3 years to wash their private parts and you go make sure say them wash am well well.
The time when you dey baff the pikin you go dey teach them about sex education.

Chapletown Pikin from 0-5 years suppose don know the correct names of their private parts and to tell them why them need to dey cover am.
We sabi say small small pikin nor sabi shame so them they waka nor wear cloth and na make e good say make you tell them make person nor play with them reach where dia private part dey.

From age 5-10years, pikin don dey smart and e don dey get sense, sometimes you go see am dey touch I’m private part. When you see am nor fear ooo, instead call the pikin then talk to am.
You go ask them question small small den tell them say e good make them cover their private part anywhere dem dey even if na for house or outside.

You go tell them say make them nor allow anybody touch them and you go tell them why person nor suppose touch their body anyhow. You go also tell dem say make them still nor touch am even if the person tell them to do this na because some people when don old they like small small pikin them.
Person must tell their pikin how and why to nor gree for people when go dey push them to do big people things.

If we quick tell our children about sex education e go protect them from learimg from wrong source. As them dey grow dem go begin smart before you know them go reach all this blue film sites. So, e go better make we quick teach them about their body before e start to change.

If we quick teach them about sex education e go reduce premature sexual activity.

If we quick teach them about sex education e go make us close to our children. Them go begin trust us and anytime dem dey confused dem go run come meet us for explanation.

Make we remember say :
We no suppose wait for piking to don begin touch dia self before we talk to them about dia body.
If you catch your pikin dey touch himself nor panic.
Teach your pikin say them need to respect dia body and other people body.
No leave sex education for school teachers alone o .
You get to be your pikin best friend, counsellor, person wen dem go always dey free to talk to .