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Dog bite – Nor allow rabies catch you off guard.

buy generic Gabapentin Eight years old boy wen em name na moses come begin ask say wetin person suppose do wen man best friend (dog) attack am . Moses get wound for hand wen the dog e dey follow play for him backyard attack am.
The dog been dey respond well to moses before e bite am . People like to the call dog man best friend and them like to dey keep am for house as pet and d way dem dey behave dey easy to love and predict. When dem don dey infected with virus wen dangerous well well ,dem dey call am rabies virus the dog wen dey loveable go come turn to terrorist wen fit attack anybody including the person wen get am .

Barking Angry Mixed Breed Dog Running In Road Through Field

i need to buy Pregabalin If animal bite person e go begin dey worry about the pain and bacterial infection when the animal go don give am.
but the one wen suppose deu burst the person head na the possibility say e fit contact rabies.
Most of the rabies cases for human beings na from dog bite even though say cats, bats and other warm blooded animals dey also carry this virus give human beings .
This rabies virus so the waka from the spit of animal wen get the virus.
Rabies dey make more than 50,000 human beings die every year mostly for Africa and Asia.

Once this rabies virus enter body e go multiply then begin penetrate the nerves so e go begin em waka go the brain..
The period wen e take dey multiply so e no go show any sign them dey call am incubation period. This period na from like three to eight weeks (the time fit short pass so or for long pass so ) and after the incubation period signs go being show.
As the signs burst out the rabies don dey deadly and person fit days within few days.

Make we go back to our tori about Moses and the dog wen bite am for em backyard.
Moses come tell him senior brother say dog bite am but e beg am make e no tell dia mama and papa as e dey go bcos e no want make kasala burst for the matter.
But las las the brother still yarn dia mama as e dey go them come carry moses go hospital to treat the injury.

Anger Aggressive Long-Haired Purebred German Shepherd Adult Dog Or Alsatian Wolf Dog On Lead Going To Attack With Widely Opened Mouth Jaws.

The doctor wen treat Moses come decide to give am anti-rabies treatment. E come yarn dem say the treatment dey necessary bcos them no know weda the dog don been collect anti-rabies vaccination and even Moses sef never collect the vaccination against rabies.
E suprise the papa and mama say vaccine even dey for people wen no get injury from any animal fit still collect the vaccination incase them later get injury.
The doctor even come say them need to observe the dog wen bite Moses during the period wen dem dey give moses treatment. Moses treatment na unto injection things (rabies immune globulin) and three doses of anti-rabies vaccine and na for 3 weeks.
Rabies immune globulin dey necessary after person don dey exposes to animal injury if d person never collect any vaccine before because the vaccine dey take time before e begin work .
Papa Moses heart strong because he say the dog no dey act strange and foam no dey commot em mouth so the dog no get rabies but papa Moses wrong , the dog die in 6 days and the veterinarian confirm say na rabies infection kill am.

Moses papa don learn say no be all animal wen get rabies infection na him dey behave anyhow or dey get foam for mouth . So any dog or animal bite or injury no be play play matter na to reach hospital make doctor check how far .
No be all animals fit transfer rabies health care provider go help you determine weda alarm don blow .

Rabies infection dey begin with fever , pain around where the injury/bite dey . After that one the person go come dey carry do , carry shout , carry talk . Foam to dey commot mouth dey join for some people Symptoms because them no fit swallow spit before you know the person don die .
Some people (1/5 people ) no dey show all this Symptoms. Instead them go dey weak before you know them no go fit carry dia body from there na die o.

So if dog/animal bite or injure you wetin you go need do?

  1. First of all, nor stop the bleeding instead allow the injury make e dey bleed. You fit dey squeeze am small small .
  2. You go wash the wound
  3. You go wash the wound with soap and plenty water . This one don save plenty people life .
  4. After you don wash am waka go the nearest hospital where dem fit give you anti-rabies injection and you must finish your treatment.

Before I go you need know say if you wan prevent rabies infection you go need avoid dogs/animals wen dey do anyhow wen dia behavior dey strange.
You go also need to encourage people wen get dogs around you make dem give them vaccination.

To give dog vaccination dey cheap pass say the dog don bite you and you wan collect anti-rabies injection. Sometimes sef the injection no go dey available. So e good make dog collect vaccination e go save both human beings and dog lives.