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Shooting blanks (low sperm count ) and treatment wen dey possible

male feet tube Infertility na wen husband and wife don dey try to get belle after 12 months of regular mummy and daddy (unprotected sexual intercourse).
And na common kamuka wen dey affect many couples .
For many cases , the man fit get get some kain biological problem wen dey prevent am from scoring goal (fertilization and conception) and low sperm count (shooting blanks) na em common pass.

buy Pregabalin canada When man comot sperm from body during match (sexual intercourse) something wen be like fluid (semen) go rush from the penis enter the woman body.
This fluid contain million of sperm cells wen dey swim for the fluid reach the fallopian tube where egg go dey after the woman ovulation .
The combination of the sperm and egg (process called fertilization) go form embryo wen go come grow into baby .

buy cheap cenforce online But if the sperm cells no reach certain amount, fertilization nor fit happen .
Normal sperm count na from 15 million sperm per milliliter to 200 million sperm per milliliter.
If e no reach 15 million sperms per milliliter na that one them dey call low sperm count .

buy gabapentin online us Wetin they cause low sperm count ?

Low sperm count fit start once any step from the process wen dem take dey produce sperm cells for the testicles miss/spoil while e dey move to outside the body tube wen dey the Male reproductive system.

  1. Swelling of the veins wen dey drain the testicles (Varicocele) . The veins so dem dey around the testicles within the scrotum. Some scientists say na heat from the veins wen swell dey reduce the capacity of the testicles to produce sperm cells .
    Sperm production dey at it’s best wen the body temperature low . Na the reason why nature put the testicles for outside the body.
  2. Sexual transmitted infections like gonorrhea and chlamydia dey prevent sperm production in two ways .
    The bacteria fit damage the testicles where dem dey produce sperm cells or block the tubes wen the sperm dey take pass go outside the body .
    Some of this infection fit cause permanent damage to the testicles.
  3. Some merecine dey damage sperm production for the testicles. Merecine like the one dem dey use for cancer, some antibiotics, some ulcer merecine like cimetidine. These drugs they either reduce sperm production wen dem cause damage to the testicles or stop hormonal signal wen dey stimulate sperm production.
  4. Some surgeries wen the person don do before wen involve private parts . Surgery like vasectomy, prostate surgery, abdominal surgery wen dey affect pelvic organs fit damage or weaken production of sperm cells later for life .
  5. Some kind exposure to industrial chemicals fit cause damage to the testicles. Too much exposure to radiation dey damage the testicles and destroy sperm cells.
  6. Some habits like smoking, too much drinking fit also cause low sperm count . Them fit shrink the testicles or reduce the capacity to produce sperms .

Treatment of low sperm count
The treatment depend on wetin cause am . After them don determine say man get low sperm count , doctor wen be specialist go come identify wetin cause am .

The dey use ultrasound scan , hormone testing, testicular biopsy and specialised sperm function test to take investigate wetin cause the low sperm count.

Surgery: if na vein swell up or tubes block na surgery dem go take repair am . If na tumour cause the low sperm count na surgery dem go use comot the tumour.

Antibiotics: if na sexual transmitted infections den antibiotics na him dem go use treat am . Them go also need treat the person partner so that the infection no go come again .

Assisted Reproductive Technology: for this treatment dem go comot sperm from the man through normal ejaculation or surgical extraction . Them go come put the sperm inside the woman .

Once them fit identify the cause then dem go begin treatment.

This infertility so na common problem wen couples dey face and the problem no dey come from only woman side like people dey always believe e dey also come from man side .
Low sperm count na common reason why men dey shoot