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People dey always smoke around me , I safe ? Kofi mama dey worry say he fit nor survive em next asthma attack.

Mostaganem She dey explain give children doctor say “her son never even reach 3 years but he don dey get wetin be like lifetime of painful asthma wahala” .
She even come dey explain how her body dey pepper her wen Kofi go dey struggle to breathe during the attack wen bad well well .
Kofi mama don try taya to convince her husband make e stop to dey smoke around dia pikin and the doctor understand say e no easy to train Kofi for that kind environment.

flirtuje na 40 Kofi papa dey like to smoke cigar and e no see anything wen dey wrong to smoke inside house. Na him carry him wife and pikin come clinic to come confirm say na the doctor no dey treat Kofi well .
But after doctor don yarn am say Kofi condition na because he dey always smoke beside am (secondary smoking) he come decide say e no go smoke for inside house or any where wen Kofi dey again .

adumbratively Many people dey suffer same thing wen Kofi dey suffer . This secondary smoking dem dey also call am passive smoking because dem no dey inhale the smoke intentionally unlike the person wen dey smoke.

Secondary smoking na wen person wen no dey smoke dey around people wen dey smoke. Dem dey also call am secondhand smoke and na mixture of two smokes: the smoke from the cigar or product wen dey burn and the smoke wen dey comot the mouth of the actual person wen dey smoke .

E get plenty health risk wen follow secondhand smoking (heart-related diseases, lung cancer , respiratory diseases ). To dey breathe in secondary smoke na way for very dangerous chemicals to enter body cause katakata.

Plenty people no know say this secondhand smoke dey contain many toxic chemical. Some dey believe say na only who dey smoke na him go get wahala that one no be true o .

Make I yarn you some things when you need to know so that you go fit stay safe from secondary smoking:

  1. If person dey smoke steady inside house but e lock himself inside toilet for example no mean say rest people wen dey the house safe .
    The smoke fit pass any small opening go meet people wen dey inside the house .
  2. Any secondhand smoke wen reach your side fit dey harmful .so e better make anybody wen wan smoke em cigar smoke am for outside or make e smoke am 9 metres away from person wen no dey smoke ( about length of 2 cars wen dem park bumper to bumper)
  3. Children kpakpa sef the small ones fit develop strong respiratory sickness or even get allergies from this secondhand smoke. The ones wen get asthma e go come worsen am .
  4. Women wen get belle don dey advised make dem no smoke cigar and make dem even avoid secondhand smoke because danger go dey for the pikin wen dey womb .
  5. Cigar wen dem lit wen dey burn contain about 7000 chemicals. 70 of this chemical so fit cause cancer .

Make una try tule from secondhand smoke . Protect yourself and people when you love from danger .

MO don yarn una as e dey go ✌