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Fake belle: woman wen get belle without pikin

Konin E get one woman (Alice)wen don marry for eight years but she with her husband no start to dey find pikin until 2 years after them marry .
For the first year after wedding wen pikin no show dem no panic even the second year sef dem still dey coollee.

Najafābād Third year reach them begin happy say as oyibo dey talk say “third try is a charm ” say na dia time be this . All this while , na so so visit to doctor waka dem dey o . Them reach fertility clinic sef .

randki scunthorpe Fast forward to 2020, wen go make am the 8th year of dem marriage e come be like say them banga don ripe. Alice belle come dey round , she come dey lazy, her monthly visitor (period) no show and her bobbi don dey begin pain am . Alice belle sweet like sugar she come announce give her husband and her sister say belle don show finally . Na so them gather go do test e come show negative. Alice whole world come scatter o everything come get as e be . She still no agree say she no get belle o so tey she do ten pregnancy test within 3 months and all show negative.
All this one so Alice still dey vomit for morning and her period no show so she still dey prove say she get belle .

Alice get belle ? No , she only get wetin medicals dey call Pseudocyesis .

Wetin be this Pseudocyesis?
Na wen woman dey feel as if she don get belle wen true true belle no dey . The woman go get all the signs wen dey follow belle. Another name wen dem they call am na Fake pregnancy or Imaginary pregnancy. And e common for women wen dey dia 20s or 30s .

Sign and symptoms
The symptoms na almost the same with true true pregnancy and if doctor never carry out test e fit confuse am sef .

Breast go begin pain am , period fit nor regular or make e no even show , vomit for morning wen dem dey call morning sickness go follow , belle go begin round join .

Woman wen this thing don affect go believe say belle don enter. Some dey even get fake labour pain , breast go begin big e fit even dey bring water .

Wetin be the cause
False or fake pregnancy anyone wen you wan call am na thing of the mind o e dey psychological. Many suggestion don dey ground according to professional of mental health.

Them say most of these women don dey urge to get dia own pikin or them dey fear to get belle .

The urge or fear fit be wetin dey cause change for glands wen dey release hormone into bloodstream and na this change go come bring out pregnancy symptoms.

Since them never know wetin dey cause am e no get specific treatment for now .
But need dey for psychotherapy to help reduce the psychological issue and effect wen go affect women wen don dey except pregnancy like Alice.

The best way wen woman with this false belle go take believe say she no get belle na to show her picture of her womb with ultrasound.
Some no go still believe sef but show am .

We thank God say this false belle no too common but if you see or you know any woman we get this condition make you make sure say you tell the people wen dey around her about the condition make dem for nor catch am winsh.

Every woman with this condition deserve understanding and support while doctor go work on how to help her overcome the condition.

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