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How your body go fit stand gidigba

Nahiyat Ghammas E get wetin oyibo people dey call Body Immunity and na the body immunity na him your body dey take battle the small small living things wen our corocoro eye nor fit see wen dey our surrounding wen fit make person sick.

cenforce viagra If this our body Immunity come weak , na so so sick the person go dey sick the person fit from there die sef.
I wan yarn una natural ways wen you fit take increase your immune system. You need to dey sleep well well
Wen you dey sleep, your body dey repair e self n e go dey release protein wen go help they comot things wen wasn cause disease.
Wen you no sleep the amount of time wen you suppose sleep you don prevent your body from the work wen e supposed do wen you dey sleep and e go come allow reduce your body defence .
People wen no dey sleep well get higher risk to get sickness like diabetes and high blood pressure.
For mature person na six to eight hours sleep you need to help you keep your immune system strong make your body for stand gidigba.

buy Quetiapine fed ex Eat plenty fruits and vegetables

Fruits,vegetables, nuts ,seeds na very good and very cheap way to take make your immune system strong.
This fruits and vegetables so dey rich in minerals and vitamins wen go add to the way your immune dey work.
Them also dey rich in fiber and this fiber so dey help feed protective bacteria wen dey belle e go come prevent any bacteria wen wan cause disease from the belle.
Orange and avocado get one fiber wen dey help boost the production of immune cells and e dey also speed up recovery from bacteria infections .

You need to dey do exercise
Exercise no be only for your muscles to dey grab or your belle to flat e dey also boost your immune system.
Exercise they improve the way wen blood dey flow for your body n r go allow immune cells to flow well .
Exercise dey also slow down release of stress hormones. If your stress hormones no plenty e mean say your immune system go dey more active and e go fit help you attack bacteria wen dey cause disease.

Avoid food wen no good for your body
Food wen get artificial fats , saturated fat and refined sugar dey kill immune system.
Red meat , cheese , sweetened drinks fit make you fat n e go increase your risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease which go come weaken your immune system.

Eat food wen get good bacteria (probiotics)
Our body full with bacteria good and bad . food like yogurt, tofu dey rich in live protective microorganisms. This good bacteria so dey person belle and e dey protect the body from bacteria wen dey cause disease and e dey also help increase immune function.
If this good bacteria no plenty for your belle e go weaken your immune system and that one fit make the person dey at risk to get chronic disease.

You no need empty your wallet to protect your body well . Try natural ways to take strengthen your body defence. Exercise, sleep well, eat well so your body go stand gidigba .

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