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E don pass 10 years when Amy dey battle with pimples . The first time wen pimples show na wen she just begin mature. Wen Amy dey secondary school na so her mates dey take am play dey use the pimples laugh am . Nickname join sef them begin call am ‘the barnacles lady’ cos apart from say na so the pimples dey red space nor come dey the face.

She try plenty things for house to take clear am but dem no work. na so she begin use different skincare products the one wen get name and the one wen no get name . Her face come begin white pass the rest of her body.

Family people they always give am mind say e go soon clear but Amy don reach 27years and her face still rough. Na so so makeup she dey use for the past 9years to take cover the pimples .

E get another guy (Kelvin)wen dey d same problem Amy dey and as e no fit use makeup cover e own cos e be guy . e turn hairstyle to fringe make e for fit cover hom forehead.

Wetin be this Acne ?
Na long-term skin katakata and e dey show face wen dead skin cell and oil from skin block hair follicles .
Normal level be say these dead skin suppose commot by themselves but for people wen get acne them go come block were oil and sweat take dey commot the skin and as them block am pimples go begin show face .

This acne so ehn e dey make some people wen get am get low self esteem, some no go even get confidence again , some go enter depression some go even begin thinking ways to take kill themselves.

Even Amy and Kelvin , the fake life (makeup and fringe ) no help them . Them still collect inside the falling hand wen acne dey bring . People yab them, laugh them , them enter depression sef .

How Acne dey be

Na different way e take dey appear. For white person body e fit dey pink while for black person the place wen e show face go black.
•Blackheads na wen skin no cover the hair follicle wen block
•Whiteheads dey show wen the the skin close the hair follicle wen block .
•Pimples dey show wen the hair follicle wen block get excess oil and dead skin cells .

Blackhead and Whitehead fit show for people face wen no even get acne but pimples dey show for only people wen get acne .

Wetin dey cause acne

  1. Genes: the chance say person inherit acne from family members high well well
  2. Hormones: as pikin begin mature enter puberty stage the hormone dey change and this hormonal activity dey contribute to the way acne dey start.

Another thing wen fit cause am na the kind food wen person dey chop .
Infection sef dey cause acne .

How to treat am
E get plenty ways to take treat am and treatment dey depend on somethings like the gender of the person, weda the person get belle or the way wen the acne take bad reach .

  1. Vitamin A derivative (or retinoids)
    E dey unblock pores so that the skin go absorb any medicated cream or gel without kamuka. But e no good for women wen get belle or wen dey breastfeed pikin.
  2. Antibiotics
    You fit drink the antibiotics or rub am for your skin . E go help clear the infection and control the place wen swell up . but make sure say you take am the way doctor say make you take am .
  3. Do better skincare routine
    Wash your face two times a day with soap and water or use cleanser and rub cream wen prescribed cream
  4. Chop well and use correct products
    Make sure say you dey chop well and no buy skincare product wen no dey ‘dermatologist tested’ .
  5. Buy skincare products wen get Benzoyl peroxide or Salicylic acid
    E details prevent make skin dey peel anyhow .

Pancake no fit hide am forever no allow acne make you loose guard or fall your hand .

You fit go see skin specialist but acne dey improve with time for some people body .

No be death sentence.