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Kelekele blood pressure problem wey fit cause wahala for woman wey get belle

The first antenatal clinic open over 200years ago and them open am to check 3 things for pregnant woman body :
Her legs swell?? Her blood pressure high ?? Blood protein they leak for her piss ??

If the answer to this questions na Yes yawa don gas be that bcos e mean say the woman don get Pregnancy Induced Hypertension a.k.a Pre-eclampsia.

Pregnant woman wen get pre-eclampsia go begin get convulsions wen dem no go fit control and from there e go pass die .

Na pregnant women dey get Pre-eclampsia and as she don get am her blood pressure go come high some organs for her body sef go begin spoil . This pre-eclampsia so fit begin show face after 20weeks wen d pikin don begin dey develop for woman wen her blood pressure dey normal before belle enter. This kamuka thing fit progress reach where the woman go begin get convulsion .
Na like 10% of women wen get belle for Africa dey develop pre-eclampsia.

Make I give una one tori about Annie
She be 38years and na the first time wen she go get belle be this . After 12 weeks wen belle don enter , she come begin go prenatal clinic.
One day wen Annie baff finish she come begin notice say her leg swell up and belle don reach like 36 weeks . All her mind be say na the long trek wen she trek reach house that day and the stand wen she stand tey for bank . For morning na strong headache na him wake Annie plus hand and leg swell up. She and her husband come yarn finish agree say them go reach the prenatal clinic for check up . The doctor run test come say Annie get preeclampsia.

The way e take dey show dey different for people body m sometimes na small small e fo show face sometimes na sharp sharp e go take show . But e no dey show without signs and na wen them dey check the woman blood pressure and piss them dey fit identify am .

•if the woman blood pressure don pass 140/90 two different times a day .

• to breathe go begin hard e mean say water don enter the lungs

• leg, hand and face go just swell up

• sometime the woman fit no dey see at all or make she no dey see well again

• eye go dey so so turn am

• if the vomiting don pass be careful

• if the urine test wen dem do show say protein dey her piss .

Wetin they cause am

Them never fit know the exact thing wen dey cause am but the research wen dem do show say the blood vessels wen dey supply the placenta no grow well .

Them also say we black people so na we get higher risk to get this preeclampsia.
Other things wen fit make preeclampsia show :

• First time belle
• if the mama too young or too old
• if the mama get hypertension before she get belle
• if the mama fatness don pass be careful
• if na IVF the mama do

The thing wen this preeclampsia take different from high blood pressure wahala for pregnancy na say protein go dey the urine and some of the woman organ go begin spoil .

Preeclampsia fit injure me or my pikin ?

If you quick get medical attention e go help reduce the chance say the mama or the pikin go get complication. But if you no quick treat am or you no even treat am at all wahala go dey o .

The pikin no go grow well or even die . The mama go begin get convulsion, somethings for her body go begin spoil, placenta fit comot before she born .

How to take prevent and treat am .

The cure be say the woman get to born the pikin to avoid plenty wahala. Medicine to reduce hypertension doctor go prescribe give am .

To dey monitor blood pressure for prenatal clinic they help them notice the preeclampsia quick. U no fit lower risk of preeclampsia if you stop to chop salt or if you begin exercise.

After the mama born the blood pressure fit return to normal but no be for everybody some women the blood pressure fo still high and the woman go need to dey take blood pressure medicine .

To they monitor the woman after she don born dey very important.

For olden days people dey believe say na juju dey kill pregnant woman n her pikin but Today we don know better because of Antenatal clinic check up.

E dey important make we tell people about this problem because up till now (2020) some pregnant women no still get the sense to register for antenatal.

If them no check your piss or your BP nobody go fit suspect weda you get problem until water don pass garri

No pregnant woman need to die of preeclampsia senior brother eclampsia.