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Hepatitis B na silent killer

Johnson don dey go hospital everytime for like 4 months . E dey treat malaria bcos sign wen e body give am na malaria sign (e no dey hungry , body dey so so pain am , e too dey tire)
The sign come dey worse as the day dey go e begin lean e come even notice say under belle begin swell and e dey pain am . Johnson wife come dey see something wen be like yellow for the side of Johnson eye wen suppose white . Na so the wife clear am say e don pass malaria o make them reach hospital again

For hospital, the new doctor come say make them do blood test and scan the result come show say Johnson get Liver cancer and chronic hepatitis B.

Liver cancer dey affect the liver cells dem and wen e still early symptoms no dey really dey but wen symptoms wan show e dey show like say na malaria
• the person no go fit chop
• the person go just dey lean
• body go so so dey pain am
• the person go begin vomit
• bottom belle go begin pain am and e go begin swell up join
• the white part of the person eye go behind turn yellow

Johnson wife with plenty tears for eye come ask doctor wetin bring the liver cancer come . Doctor Emeka cone dey try explain give am say for some people case them fit no know wetin cause am but na hepatitis B na him cause Johnson own .

Wetin be this Hepatitis B sef ?
Na silent killer infection of liver wen hepatitis B virus dey cause . The virus dey move from one person go another person if them come in contact with blood or bodily fluids (spit, piss , sperm ) even woman wen get belle fit pass am give her pikin for inside belle .

Hepatitis B na global problem for 2015 WHO report say 257 million people na him get hepatitis B and na more than 887,000 people na him hepatitis B kill.

Johnson wife begin question doctor dey ask how her husband take get am
Na many ways dey to take get am

• if you get plenty people wen u dey do mummy and daddy with
• mummy and daddy without rubber
• you fit get am if you go draw tattoo
• if you dey share razor with people or any sharp object
• if you dey use needle do science student work dey pass chemical inside your body

Once you don get am the virus go dey multiply for your body for 75days before e go come dey show signs.

5 out of 100 adults wen get hepatitis B go reach chronic stage like Johnson case . And if e don chronic them go need to dey take merecine everyday till dem die since hepatitis B no get cure . Na antiviral drugs them dey call the merecine and e dey help suppress virus .

To prevent hepatitis B dey very crucial and the vaccine na the main way to take prevent am . If you get close contact with anybody wen get am or you get plenty mummy and daddy partners you dey among people wen dey at high risk to get am . Even if you no dey at high risk still follow you doctor yarn about hepatitis B e fit advise make you do test. Even your pikin them doctor ask am weda make them collect the vaccine.

Johnson wife don dey depressed she come dey ask if e get how them fit save her husband life . Dr Emeka come say to treat liver cancer e dey depend on the stage the disease don reach . Dem fit use operation or chemotherapy but the outcome dey very poor .